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International Education Consulting

Europe is growing together. Join in its growth.


As of the first of January, 2007, the European Union consists of 27 members. As the key to prosperity for all, education is of central importance for every country and for the community as a whole.

Structures and systems of education within the EU member states differ greatly. Yet, transparency and mobility in the sector of schooling and training are of vital importance for a living Europe.


In formal terms, the European Union has no voice in the educational organization of its member countries. However, it is gaining increasingly in influence and importance, for instance by creating and shaping promotional programmes and mobility instruments (e.g. Europass, EQR).

In global competition, enterprises in their human resources sectors also adopt a more and more transnational attitude in their considerations, plans and activities. Transnational agreements of Ministers of Education (e.g. the Bologna Declaration) provide the European education sector with new forms and opportunities.

An overview of what we can do

We counsel and monitor enterprises, institutions and training institutes on topics such as

  • trends in the implementation of European education strategies on the national, international and sectoral level
  • in-house competence development in enterprises in the European and international environment
  • international cooperation concepts in the fields of general and professional schooling 
  • innovative project realization in the sector of teaching and training


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